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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

St Andrew's is very fortunate to have a strong and committed Governing body with a diverse range of skills, knowledge and experience, chaired by Kim Archer.

Please find below details of our Governing body including the Committee structure, register of business interests, and the terms of reference for each Committee.


Please get in touch with us via the or by handing in any communication to the school office, there is also a postbox for Governor matters in the front entrance lobby.

Meet the Governors



Name: Natasha Ballantine

Governor Category: Foundation (PCC)

Business or Financial Interests: None

I am passionate about encouraging, supporting and developing the quality of the student’s education, whether academic or values based, and in sustaining the Christian ethos of the School. I live locally with my husband and daughter and work as a lawyer in the City.I am honoured to have an additional vital role in my community by serving as a Magistrate in the Central London Justice Area. I bring a unique perspective in our collective commitment to achieve sustainable excellence within the School.

Name: Elaine Bell

Governor Category: Parent Governor

Roles: Chair of Pupil Wellbeing committee

Business or Financial Interests: None

I am a mother to 3 boys and have been a parent at St. Andrews for over 11 years. I am incredibly passionate about supporting parents and staff to ensure the effective education and wellbeing of all our pupils.

Name: Mark Cohen

Governor Category: Parent Governor

Roles: Safeguarding Governor

Business or Financial Interests: None

As a parent of three boys, two in the school, I have experience of all the year groups in the school.  I have the role of Safeguarding Governor, and support and challenge the school Leadership to continue focusing on the safety of children at the school.

Name: Jonathan Crawford

Governor Category: Foundation Gov (PCC)

Roles: Chair of the Board of Governors, Treasurer

Business or Financial Interests: None

I live in Totteridge with my wife and two children.  Our son loves being a pupil at St Andrew's and we hope our daughter will follow her big brother when she starts school in 2017. I joined the School Governors in 2011, having served on the Parish Council of St Andrew's Church before then. I am Treasurer to the Governors and sit on the Resource Management Committee. I also administer the School's Stewardship Scheme which, with the support of pupils, parents, careers and the local community, raises much needed funds for the school and its facilities.

Name: Pia Datta

Governor Category: Staff Governor

Business or Financial Interests: None

I joined St. Andrew’s as the Year 6 teacher. I am committed to making learning fun and ensuring pupils achieve their full potential. As part of the governing body I provide curriculum and assessment support. ​

Name: Jo Devine

Governor Category: Staff Governor, HT

Business or Financial Interests: None

As Headteacher of the school, St Andrew's is a big part of my life and I am passionate about working with fellow governors to create and maintain a safe, happy and stimulating environment where every pupil is able to achieve their full potential.

Name: Lesley Handscomb

Governor Category: Foundation (PCC)

Business or Financila Interests: None

I have been a volunteer at St Andrew's school for 10 years and have been attending St Andrew's church for over 16 years.  Being an active member of the church and school I feel  very privileged to have joined the Board of Governors.

Belonging to an inspirational church and school I wish to serve both to be best of my ability.

(I also adore the children and it is wonderful to watch as they learn and progress through the school).

Name: Matthew Knight

Governor Category: LA Governor

Business or Financial Interests: None

As LA governor, I represent the local authority on the governing board. As a father of two sons at the school, who are third generation St Andrew's pupils, the school is a huge part of our family life and I am proud to be on the governing board to help the school maintain its high academic standard and warm and supportive educational environment.

Name: Janet Leigh

Governor Category: Co-opted Governor

Business or Financial Interests: None

I am a retired Headteacher of a High School in a neighbouring Borough and have extensive experience of being a governor both in my professional life and also as a governor in a Barnet High School.   I am still working in Education and assist governors in the appointment of new headteachers.    I also sit on Exclusion and Admission Appeal Panel in two Boroughs.

In addition, I am a magistrate and chair both the Adult and Youth Courts locally.   I have been a resident in the Borough for over thirty years and both of my children who are now adults attended St Andrews and have very fond memories.    I am proud to continue my association with the School.

Name: Athena Mesaritis

Governor Category: Foundation Gov (Diocese)

Roles: SEND Governor

Business or Financial Interests: None

I am a mother of 2 children at St. Andrew's school and was appointed to be a governor at the school by St. Andrew's parochial church council where we worship as a family. I am proud to be in a position to make a positive contribution to St. Andrews school.

Name: Sophie Morgan

Governor Category: Foundation Gov (Diocese)

Roles: Chair of Standards committee

Business or Financial Interests: None

I am a parent of 4 children who have all attended St. Andrew's school over a period of  14 years.  I am a diocesan Governor from St. Andrew's church and  am proud to be able to  support the staff and the children on their educational journey.

Name: Rev Tim Seago

Governor Category: Foundation ex officio

Roles: Vice Chair of Governors

Business or Financial Interests: None

A father to one grown-up son and grandfather to three very bouncy grand-children, I have been married for 30 years, a priest for 8 years, and in charge of St. Andrew’s Church in Totteridge for over four. I became a Christian priest because I passionately believe that a truly loving God would want all his children to know how much they are loved, and how transformational it can be to love God in return. It is an ongoing delight to support the school and to contribute however I can to help nurture pupils in Christian values and the message of the gospels.



Name: Julie Loebell:

Roles: Clerk to the Governors

Business or Financial Interests: None


Governors Who have left post within the last 12 Months  
None as at Autumn Term 2018-2019