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St Andrew's CE Primary School

Who's Who

Please meet the staff at our school.

St Andrew’s staff team

Jo Devine
Deputy Head/SENCO    
Lisa Bonfield
Reception                         Natalie Corr 
&  Victoria Witton 
Year1                                 Kay Garraway & Chris Psara

Year2                                 Christine Smith
Year3                                 Jessica Roberts
Year4                                 Annie Jaffa
Year5                                 Billy Frater
Year6                                 Pia Datta
Reading Recovery
           Nitsa Caruana
French Teacher                Fiona Irving
Learning Mentor             Bev Wotherspoon


Designated Safeguarding Lead - Jo Devine, Headteacher

Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Lisa Bonfield, Deputy Head

Teaching Assistants
Bobbie Barrett

Julietta Eracleous
Debbie James
Jo Loizou

Linda Phillips

Billy Strong
Maureen Taylor

Eloise Xenophontos

Support staff
School Secretaries                         Kay Burridge and
Julie Loebell
Caretaker                                        Jules Smith
School Business Manager            Janet McKie

Breakfast Club team                     Catherine Holleran, Ritixa Shah, Ruchita Patel
After School Club team               
Helen Brown, Ritixa Shah, Ruchita Patel, Billy Strong
Mealtime Supervisors                  Billy Strong,
Ruchita Patel, Ritixa Shah, Maureen Taylor, Rekha Gandecha,

                                                         Iphigenia Christophorou
Monika Bachor 
Clerk to Governors                        Julie Loebell