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Welcome to Year 3!

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We’re changing the way you can contact us during the lockdown. If you need to send work or have any questions regarding the home learning, please email:


We aim to respond to emails on this address as soon as possible - Monday to Friday, term time only. This class email will be checked by Ms Devine, Mrs Bonfield, Mrs Roberts & Mrs Psara.


Please use this email only for home learning enquiries or sending through pieces of work. Any other enquiries  should continue to be sent to the school office email address - 


Welcome to the final week of Year 3! smiley

I hope all of the families are keeping well. Thank you for supporting your child and staff throughout this academic year. I wish you all a safe and relaxing summer holiday.


To all of the wonderful Year 3 children!


The school year was cut short,

I didn’t get a chance to say,

THANK YOU for being a fabulous pupil,

I wish there had been more time to play!


You have done a brilliant job,

Staying at home for so long,

It’s not been easy, but you have been so brave,

You have kept people safe and strong.


Enjoy the summer with your family,

In September you’ll start anew,

For now, just know that I miss you all,

And I am so proud of you!




Mrs Smith has created a fantastic document which I have uploaded to the Year 3 page titled, ‘Design and Innovation Inspiration’ which outlines activities for the week! Have lots of fun!


Don't forget to to check the Home Learning Guidance document uploaded each week before you start on the activities and resources. If you are unable to print any of the resources or activities, don’t worry, just create your own templates using paper to record your work at home.


Keep up the brilliant work and stay safe.

Mrs Roberts & Mrs Psara

French - 22.06.2020

French - 22.06.2020

Here are some ideas for English learning activities you can do at home...


  • Make sure to keep on reading! Find a good book and make a reading camp to enjoy your story. Write a book review afterwards that you can share with your family.
  • Write an imaginative story and create your own book with illustrations for our reading corner in our classroom.
  • Write a poem - it can be about anything you like!
  • Create your own play script to perform to your family at home. 


Links to websites with other ideas and activities:



Here are some ideas for Maths learning activities you can do at home...


  • Go on TT Rockstars, practise your times tables and earn coins for your band. You can even play with your friends!
  • Play a board game or card game - many of these games involve counting and maths in some way!
  • Create your own board game or card game to play with family at home about a maths topic that interests you. You could even create your own dice and write a set of instructions to help others to play your game.
  • We have been doing money recently so you could create your own shop at home and label items with different prices. You can practise different methods for adding amounts of money and working out the correct change. 


Links to websites with other ideas and activities:


Here are some ideas for Science learning activities you can do at home...


  • Look after a plant that is already in your home or garden or grow your own plant from seeds. What does your plant need so that it can grow and be healthy? Keep a growing diary for your plant, observing the changes that happen over time. 
  • We have been looking at bones and skeletons recently in class. Create your own moving skeleton using paper and split pins. 
  • Research an animal and create a presentation all about the skeleton of that animal. Can you find other animals that have similar skeletons?


Links to websites with other ideas and activities:


Stay active with Joe Wicks' PE sessions on YouTube: 

Geography and History learning activities you can do at home...


  • Make your own map - this could be of your bedroom, house, street or local area.

  • Research a country that interests you and create a fact file all about it.

  • Create your own non-fiction book on The Romans from all of the learning we have done in the Spring term. Use the layout features of non-fiction books to help you. 

  • Create a quiz all about The Romans to complete at home with your family. 


Here are some links to useful websites with other ideas and activities: 


BBC Bitesize KS2 Geography


BBC Bitesize KS2 History

Art and DT learning activities you can do at home...


  • Paint or draw a ‘happy picture’ and put it up in a window at home for others to see.

  • Paint a rock or leaves and make a collage .

  • Follow a recipe to bake a cake and have a tea party with your family at home.

  • Make a sock puppet.

  • Research a famous artist and create a piece of work in their style. 

Try a Banksy-style stencilling activity - 


BBC Bitesize KS2 Art and DT

Computing learning activities you can do at home...


BBC Bitesize Dance Mat Typing - a fun way to learn touch typing.


BBC Bitesize KS2 Computing 


Scratch - Programming and Coding for children.


Around the World - Perform Drama Workshop

Whole Class Ensemble Tuition from BEAT