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There are lots of people to help you with your learning and wellbeing at St Andrew’s

The first is your class teacher. They plan the lessons, mark your work and set you some next steps that make your learning fun and challenging. They also set and mark your homework.

Remember you can always talk to your teacher if you are unsure or worried about anything. (Don’t forget you can always use the worry box in your classroom)

In addition to talking to your class teacher you can also speak to the teaching assistants, who are always available to listen to you and help you.

 Ms Devine and Mrs Bonfield are always available for help or discussions. They make sure that the school and the teachers have the resources they need to make sure St Andrew’s is a fantastic learning environment.

You can expect the school to plan and provide excellent learning opportunities and also the chance to try out different sports and activities. School trips and journeys are added to the curriculum to support the work you do in class and to ensure that you develop other skills such as independence, resilience and perseverance.


There are a number of ways that your voice can be heard at St Andrew’s. These include :

  • The School Parliament: They will take your concerns and ideas to the senior leadership team.
  • Your class teacher: any concerns or worries about your learning, friendship issues or personal worries and concerns can be mentioned to your class teacher in confidence. You do not need to worry about anyone finding out private information.
  • Meetings: if you are concerned about anything you can arrange a meeting with a member of the school staff, this could be the Headteacher, The Deputy Headteacher or any other adult.

If you do have additional needs you can be assured that you will be included in meetings to do with you and your learning in a pupil centred interview. Your views on how your learning develops are invaluable.



You can let us know by talking to us or if you would prefer you can send us an email to or by sending us a letter.